This is an exciting announcement! I didn’t think it was possible to actually hear about another project that Bear Grylls could possibly be doing, but he has another TV Show lined up called Bear Grylls’ Survival School for an early 2016 debut.

Bear Grylls already has two successful shows… well, three really. Along with Running Wild with Bear Grylls Season 2, Bear is doing a US and UK version of The Island with Bear Grylls.

I haven’t seen The Island with Bear Grylls yet. I will likely watch it at some point, but I’ve never been a fan of reality TV Shows.

I am, however, a big fan of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Even though each episode is basically the same in a lot of ways, it’s still a lot of fun to watch different celebrities go on an adventure of a lifetime with Bear. It’s also now my goal to become a celebrity so I can get an invite to the show. 🙂

This new show, Bear Grylls’ Survival School, looks like it will be an extreme amount of fun!

The difference in this new TV Show? The Survival School will be for kids! The show will feature 10 British children between the ages of 12-15 that will go on an extreme adventure with Bear and learn survival skills along the way.

bear grylls survival school citv

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy

The show is commissioned by Citv, so it’s unlikely we’ll get to see it in America. But it didn’t take long for the originally British show, The Island with Bear Grylls, to create an American version. So hopefully we will see this show grow and expand to a wider audience.

It looks like they have the first season planned already. Bear will be taking the kids on a two week trip to the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales.

“Bear and his team of experts will be on hand to teach them all of the tools needed to take on the wilderness, from skills like making a fire and building a shelter to practical techniques such as crossing rivers and abseiling down cliffs. They will also learn how teamwork, perseverance and resilience are critical to success. The young explorers will have to work together and put the skills they’ve learnt into practice to accomplish a challenging survival exercise in the final episodes.”¹

Bear is excited about this show and the opportunity as well, saying,

“Young people at heart are so often the greatest of adventurers: determined, focussed, resourceful and team players. This series will test and develop all these qualities in spades. These kids need to be prepared for hardship and blisters, but by the end they will have achieved a pride that only sweat and endeavour can buy. Hold tight for the adventure of a lifetime!”

This seems like it will be a really fun show to watch and one that I’m really excited about. I also imagine this project is quite dear to Bear’s heart.

We all know Bear is extremely active with his voice about connecting kids with the outdoors. He is the Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts Organization and he’s been in the news fairly regularly over the last year talking about how kids need to be spending more time outdoors.

Over the years, outreach to kids has become more and more important to Bear. Which I’m sure has a lot to do with his own three children, Jesse Grylls, Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls, and Marmaduke Mickey Percy Grylls. Those names are as amazing and unique as Bear is. I love it. 🙂

Here is a short list of some of the things Bear has done in his outreach to kids:

– Bear became the youngest Chief Scout for the Scout Association in July of 2009 and has recently had his commission extended until at least 2018! This is something that is extremely dear to Bear and something that he is most proud of being able to serve in such an important role that he claims humbles him every day.

– He has written a very fun, endearing children’s book that was written to his boys called, “With Love, Papa” as well as a series of young adult adventure books called, “Mission Survival“.

– He has been very outspoken lately about the state of technology in young kids lives and how children should play more outdoors, learn to use a knife and empower kids by teaching them how to do something dangerous, but in a safe way. His statements have been rather controversial, but like it or not, he’s not wrong.

– Bear also released a very powerful Manifesto for Children that he hopes, with enough celebrity backing and influence, could accomplish more than any political suggestion. These six rules are bold, but how immensely improved would things become for the children of this world? Simply, the Bear Grylls’ Manifesto for Children states that all kids should 1) get fit, there should be 2) outdoor classes for all kids, 3) computer games should be banned, 4) children should climb mountains, 5) kids should take risks, and 6) should be involved in community service. ²

– Last but not least, Bear has started the one and only Bear Grylls Survival Academy where kids can join a Survival Day Course that runs 6 hours, participate in a Young Survivors Award series, host parties, or participate in Summer Camp! Brilliant! The Survival Academy is fairly new, but is growing in popularity and locations around the world! Make sure to keep an eye out for a location near you and sign up. 🙂 ³

Bear never ceases to amaze me. His philanthropy, sound advise, his amazing ability to be a mentor and role model for so many, whether it’s survival skills, faith, marriage or fatherhood, is all something to aspire to.

Are you excited about the new show?! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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