Bear Grylls Survival School – Season 2

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S2E12The Final Expedition (Part 2) (03/25/2017)
Dealing with fatigue and exhaustion, Bear’s students must endure mountainous conditions if they are to complete their challenge in part two of this two-part episode.

S2E11The Final Expedition (Part 1) (03/18/2017)
Bear instructs his students on survival techniques in the wild for episode one of this two-part episode.

S2E10Showdown at Sea (03/11/2017)
For this boys vs. girls competition, survival students must jump into frigid waters from a moving boat.

S2E9Panther Crawl (03/04/2017)
On this episode of Bear Grylls Survival School, Bear’s students must cross a river before creating a shelter from the elements.

S2E8The Storm (02/25/2017)
Bear’s students are challenged when a large storm rolls in.

S2E7The Sickness (02/18/2017)
With some of their classmates out with illness, the students tackle some new challenges; among them: a climb up a steep cliff and a rafting exercise.

S2E6Leadership Battles (02/11/2017)
Venturing into the jungle, the students must endure the dangerous terrain and face a climb.

S2E5Chopper Jump (02/04/2017)
Students begin their survival challenge into frigid conditions by first jumping from a helicopter.

S2E4Personal Everest (01/28/2017)
In Northern Wales, Bear challenges his students on the mountainous terrain.

S2E3Trust Issues (01/21/2017)
Survival school students practice trust exercises on this episode of Bear Grylls Survival School.

S2E2Teamwork Fail (01/14/2017)
Bear’s students divide into boy and girl factions for competition.

S2E1First Day at School (01/07/2017)
Taking on 10 new students, adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls seeks to educate and guide them in the ways of survival.

Bear Grylls Survival School – Season 1

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S1E12Episode 12 (03/27/2016)
Facing the mountainous terrain of Wales, Bear’s students must endure the rough conditions as they complete their challenges. Bear demonstrates how to crawl across a rope.

S1E11Episode 11 (03/20/2016)
For their final test, the students need to climb to the summit of Moel Siabod, spend a night on their own, then make it to the finish.

S1E10Episode 10 (03/13/2016)
Competition heats up between the boy and girl factions within the school as they prepare for their final test.

S1E9Episode 9 (03/06/2016)
For this episode of Bear Grylls Survival School, students make camp in a cave after a grueling battle with rapids.

S1E8Episode 8 (02/28/2016)
Students tackle a frozen lake, and Bear instructs his class on how to climb across ropes like commandos.

S1E7Episode 7 (02/21/2016)
Bear’s students head to the coast, where they face a cliff jump and attempt to swim to an island nearby.

S1E6Episode 6 (02/14/2016)
Facing a towering cliff, students must safely descend using abseiling techniques.

S1E5Episode 5 (02/07/2016)
Students need to climb a mountain in inclement weather for their latest survival challenge.

S1E4Episode 4 (01/31/2016)
Bear demonstrates to his students how they can heat up their food by using their urine.

S1E3Episode 3 (01/24/2016)
Students dine on foods they may need to eat during an emergency survival situation.

S1E2Episode 2 (01/17/2016)
Demonstrating some of the basics of survival, Bear instructs his class.

S1E1Episode 1 (01/10/2016)
For this series premier of Bear Grylls Survival School, Bear takes on 10 young survival students. Among their initial challenges: building a shelter in the forest.

Bear Grylls Survival School Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I apply for Bear Grylls Survival School?

A: Currently, there aren’t any Bear Grylls Survival School Application for 2019. We will post if we hear any different. Also keep an eye on the iTV “Be on TV” page for updates as well.

Q: When will Bear Grylls Survival School Season 3 air?

A: We haven’t heard when and if there will be a Series 3 for Survival School. We’ll definitely update as soon as we know.