I’ve been looking around for a new watch recently and decided to see if Bear wears a certain watch. After all, everything that I have bought that I have either seen him wear or are from his brand, have been absolutely great products.

The first thing I bought that I saw Bear wear were the Merrell ChameleonĀ hiking shoes. He wore them quite a lot on Man vs. Wild. After seeing them a number of times on his show, I had to try them out. I am currently on my second pair and I don’t think any show will ever top it.

So lately I have been looking in to watches, which inspired me to write a new section of the blog, “What Bear Wears”.

I am starting with watches, but will eventually cover other items of clothing from his head to his feet. šŸ™‚

If you know of any that I haven’t covered, let me know!

And if you are wondering about a certain item you see him wear, send me a message and I’ll help track it down because I’m sure I’ll be interested to know what it is too!

Bear admittedly is not into flashy cars or watches, but it is rare to see him without one on his wrist.

It seems there are two main brands that Bear will wear, Casio andĀ Breitling. He is seen in an advertisement wearing aĀ Bremont Chronograph watch as shown below, but I’m not sure he wears that in any of his shows or adventures.

bear wearing bremont watch

As far as I know so far, Bear wears three different Casio watches. The G-Shock, The Atomic G-Shock and the WaveCeptor.

These are pretty good options, generally around $100-$200. So I may try the G-Shock as the next watch I purchase.

The other main watch you will see him wear is theĀ Breitling Emergency Watch. This may have to remain on my wish list for quite a loooooong time as it will cost thousands of dollars.

TheĀ Breitling Emergency might be the best watch to have on an adventure and it’s no wonder that Bear wears it. Most pilots are issued these watches as well.

What makes theĀ Breitling Emergency so unbelievably perfect is the face that you can pull a string out of this watch and it will broadcast an emergency signal for search and rescue to find you.

Bear mentioned the Breitling Emergency watch in particular in an interview with the Telegraph, saying “I wear aĀ Breitling Emergency watch; it’s quite nice because if you get into trouble you can pull a cord and it sends a distress signal. You can’t set it off down the pub though.”

I’ll add some photos and more information when I decide on a watch to purchase. šŸ™‚

Let me know if you know of any other watches that Bear wears.

And let me know if there is a watch you’ve seen him wear that you’d like to know what it is!

As it were, I just watched the first episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Zac Efron and noticed Bear wearing the Casio G-Shock. Yeah, I think I’ll start with that one. šŸ™‚