Wife: Shara Grylls
Children: Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry

I really enjoyed reading about Bear and Shara’s love story in his autobiography, Mud, Sweat & Tears. Bear seems to have a lot of passion for his wife and family and it really shows. Before reading Mud, Sweat & Tears I hadn’t known much about his wife and kids other than their names. But what a story it is!

Bear met Shara at a very inconvenient time. He had fully recovered from his parachute accident and was completely motivated and focused on preparing and training for the climb of his life – the summit of Mount Everest – which was only months away.

But his heart was captured. The first weekend he met Shara, he went with her and some other friends on a hike. When the hike got a bit steep and a bit scary, all of the girls began to get frightened, some even to the point of tears, at the difficult terrain. All but one. Shara kept her composure and her cool.

bear grylls wife shara

Bear Grylls and wife Shara

This particular event stood out to me quite a bit. It would certainly take that sort of woman to capture the adventurous heart of Bear Grylls!

The couple were inseparable after that. They very quickly fell in love and have been together ever since.

In his autobiography, Bear describes his departure from Heathrow Airport in London to be the first of many tear-filled times he has had to travel without her.

I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to be committed to many months apart from a new love. Based on the difficulties he faced on Everest, I bet knowing Shara was back home waiting for him to return was a constant lift for him and a hopeful reminder to keep going and to survive.

Before long, Shara and Bear became engaged. As only Bear would do, he proposed right after a skinny dip in a lake. While on shore, before even being able to dress, Bear proposed, stock naked. I am surprised she took him seriously! Haha

Before the wedding day, they bought a place to live – a fixer-upper that was actually a house boat in London parked on the Thames. I would have a hard time living in a big city, but I think I could handle a house boat. Their wedding night was their first night in the house boat.

Not long after the wedding, they both went through the most difficult time of their lives. Both, only months apart, lost their father. What a difficult thing to go through in life and especially as a couple early in a marriage. Bear and Shara found strength in each other.

bear and son by ian jones

Bear and son by ianjonesphoto.co.uk/

Bear and Shara have since become parents to three children – all boys – Jesse the oldest (b. 2003), Marmaduke (b. 2006) and the youngest Huckleberry, who was born on their Thames houseboat in 2009.

Bear seems to be quite an inspiration and role model when it comes to love and parenting. One quote from Bear he mentions that:

“We live in such a health-and-safety culture. If you want to empower kids, you show them how to manage risk. I do this with my kids and those of my friends. I say: ‘OK, what we are going to do today is going to be incredibly dangerous.’ You just see 30 massive grins. Show me an eight-year-old kid who doesn’t want that. They think it’s Christmas. ‘Then I say: ‘We are going to look after each other. There are going to be big moments. Our lives will depend on each other. Don’t get it wrong, kids.’ They grow before your eyes.”

… Amazing.

Bear and sons workout

Bear and his three sons workout

Shara herself has managed to stay out of the limelight for the most part. Not too much is known about her life. It would be great to hear more from her. Here is a short video clip I found on YouTube with some intimate moments of family life and some fears she has before Bear did his paraglide above Mount Everest.

While you may not see much of her on the screen, Shara has written two wonderful little books I just found out! The first book she wrote in 2009 is called “Marriage Matters“. I link to it in the store, but I’m not sure where you can purchase a new copy.

The second and more recent book she wrote in 2012 is called “Never Stop Holding Hands: And Other Marriage Survival Tips” (also on Kindle).

I have yet to read either, but I will try to get my hands on them before too long, give them a read, and post my thoughts about them!

You can also follow Shara on Twitter! She is quite an active user and it is quite fun to hear thoughts from Bear’s wife!

After the fame and success of his television shows, Bear and his wife and family bought their own island off the coast of Wales. Not your typical paradise when you think of an island. No sandy beaches with palm trees and warm water. I imagine it’s often quite cold and windy with rocky cliffs, yet full of fun and adventure!

Bear did get in a bit of trouble with the Gwynedd Council by posting a picture of a new renovation to the island on his Twitter account – he installed a huge slide that shoots you right off of the cliff into the water below! Without the proper planning permissions, he was forced to take it down.

God-willing, Bear and Shara will continue to be an inspiration to couples and parents all over the world. And those three children of his, Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry, live long adventurous and fun-filled lives that are also inspirational and respectable. Perhaps one day this site will turn into a Marmaduke Grylls fan site. Haha. Time will tell.

More information about Bear Grylls wife, Shara Grylls

– Maiden name: Shara Cannings Knight
– Born 1974
– Devoted to charities involved in aiding youths
– Married Bear in 2000
– Each of their children are born 3 years apart
– Faith: Christian

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