Man vs Wild: Season 7

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S7E6Working the Wild
On this special episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear takes his audience behind the cameras to meet the crew responsible for documenting his many wild adventures, where they share many of their own stories.

S7E5Land of the Maori
Location: New Zealand
On an adventure in New Zealand, Bear must navigate dangerous volcanic terrain and a waterfall descent.

S7E4Red Rock Country
Location: Utah, USA
Bear faces down the rocky terrain of Utah. Among his challenges: descending a rocky point with only a lasso. Also, Bear performs one of his most daring stunts.

S7E3Iceland: Fire and Ice
Location: Iceland
Being dropped on an ice cap covering an active volcano, Bear must navigate through blizzards and raging rivers to reach civilization again.

S7E2New Zealand: South Island
Location: New Zealand
After a parachute entry, Bear crosses New Zealand’s highest mountain range. Later, he ventures into a forest, where wet conditions make survival more challenging.

S7E1Men Vs. Wild with Jake Gyllenhaal
Location: Iceland
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal joins Bear Grylls in Iceland on this special episode of Man vs. Wild. While there, Jake will have to rely on the expert guidance of Bear if he is to survive the harsh conditions.

Man vs Wild: Season 6

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S6E6Global Survival Guide
In footage not seen before, Bear offers tips and demonstrates techniques across a range of survival conditions.

S6E5Malaysian Archipelago
Location: Borneo
Bear tackles the islands off the coast of Borneo is this adventure. There, he must navigate through dangerous jungle conditions in search of water. In search of food, Bear takes up trapping and underwater spearfishing.

S6E4Borneo Jungle
Location: Borneo
For this adventure, Bear rappels into a jungle in Borneo. Among his challenges: heavy rains, snakes, and leeches.

S6E3Norway: Edge of Survival
Location: Norway
In this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear utilizes modern technology to monitor his health as he faces harsh conditions in Norway.

S6E2Cape Wrath, Scotland
Location: Scotland
Bear must survive dangerous coastal conditions off the coast of Cape Wrath in Scotland. There, he demonstrates how to create a wetsuit from a dead seal he finds and takes shelter in an old boat.

S6E1Arizona Sky Islands
Location: Arizona, USA
Enduring the deserts and mountains of Arizona, Bear demonstrates how to survive the harsh conditions.

Man vs Wild: Season 5

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S5E7Behind the Wild
Bear introduces the team responsible for filming his many adventures in this special episode of Man vs. Wild.

S5E6Extreme Desert
Location: Mojave Desert, USA
Venturing into the treacherous Mojave Desert, Bear demonstrates how to survive extreme temperature fluctuations, sand storms, and flash flooding.

S5E5Fan vs. Wild
Location: Canada
For this special episode, Bear is joined by two fans in Canada. The trio tackles frigid conditions as Bear guides his fans through a host of challenges, demonstrating critical survival skills along the way.

S5E4Georgia-Eastern Europe
Location: Georgia
Exiting a helicopter on snowmobile, Bear begins his journey within the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. While there, he faces a river crossing via zipline and an encampment among wolves.

S5E3Canadian Rockies
Location: Canada
For this adventure, Bear is in the mountainous regions of the Canadian Rockies. While there he demonstrates how to survive being buried in an avalanche and swims under an icy lake. Bear must be flown out for medical aid after suffering an injury during a glissade.

S5E2Northern Australia
Location: Australia
In the crocodile infested region of Northern Australia, Bear demonstrates survival techniques that the native population has used to survive.

S5E1Western Pacific
On an island near Papua New Guinea, Bear tackles volcanic terrain and waters teeming with sharks.

Man vs Wild: Season 4

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S4E13North Africa
Location: Africa
Bear tackles the Sahara of Northern Africa for this episode of Man vs. Wild. He demonstrates some creative ways to find water, prepare food, and build shelter.

S4E12Shooting Survival
For this special episode, Bear has the cameras turned on the crew that follows and films him during his wild adventures.

S4E11Urban Survivor
Demonstrating how wilderness survival skills can be applied to urban areas, Bear shows viewers how they can potentially survive in a city after a disaster.

Location: Guatemala, Central America
After a rappel onto a live volcano, Bear embarks on his journey into Guatemala. There, he tackles a cave waterfall and finds some Mayan ruins.

S4E9Big Sky Country
Location: Rockies, USA
While in the mountainous terrain of the Rockies, Bear goes paragliding and gets creative with some items he finds in the environment.

Location: China
In this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear journeys through China post-typhoon. Among his challenges: flooded rivers, ant attack, and steep gorges.

S4E7Pacific Island
Bear takes island conditions near Panama, demonstrating techniques for acquiring fresh water, fishing, and raft-building.

S4E6The Inside Story
The crew that accompanies and documents Bear’s adventures shares their experiences on Man vs. Wild.

Location: Alaska, USA
While on adventure in Alaska, Bear faces glaciers, waterfalls, and is almost crushed by an iceberg.

Location: Chihuahuan Desert, Texas
Bear takes on the harsh desert conditions of Western Texas. Treacherous terrain and rattlesnakes await Bear on this journey.

Location: Vietnam
Venturing into the jungles of Vietnam, Bear faces off against dangerous wildlife such as cobras, leeches, and scorpions.

Location: Alabama, USA
Facing the Alabama woodlands, Bear must navigate through dangerous water, caves, and wildlife to survive this adventure.

S4E1Arctic Circle
Location: Arctic Circle
Bear tackles the frigid conditions of the Arctic Circle on this adventure. While there, he demonstrates how to navigate a frozen waterfall and hunt reindeer to survive.

Man vs Wild: Season 3

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S3E12Bear’s Ultimate Survival Guide Part 2
The second part of Bear’s two-part special, which pits him against a variety of dangerous wildlife as he demonstrates survival techniques.

S3E11Bear’s Ultimate Survival Guide Part 1
The first of a two-part special, where Bear shows viewers how to survive many situations, from surviving a fall through ice to acquiring food in the wild.

Location: Transylvania, Romania
For this adventure, Bear journeys into the forests of Transylvania. Among his challenges: navigating through cavern waterways and negotiating dangerous ravines.

Location: Turkey
On this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear takes viewers on a trek through the mountains and steppes of Turkey. His trip through these challenging terrains will put him into contact with a dangerous snakes and scorpions.

S3E8Dominican Republic
Location: Dominican Republic, Caribbean
Bear shows his viewers how to survive during a hurricane season within the Dominican Republic and chomps down on an eight-legged meal.

Location: Hell’s Canyon, Oregon, USA
Bear ventures into the world’s deepest canyon and must negotiate through towering cliffs, snowy conditions, and frozen lakes if he is to survive.

Location: Yukon, Canada
Demonstrating important survival techniques, Bear takes his viewers on a journey into the Yukon of Canada. While there, he discovers an abandoned gold mine and navigates through treacherous white-water rapids.

Location: Belize, Central America
Taking on the rough jungle terrain of Belize, Bear encounters white-water rapids and a large snake as he demonstrates survival techniques.

S3E4South Dakota
Location: South Dakota, USA
Bear ventures to South Dakota and shows viewers how to survive in terrains like that of the Badlands, the Great Plains, and the Black Hills.

Location: Ireland
Braving the steep coastal cliffs off the coast of Ireland, Bear journeys on to face dangerously cold conditions, storms, and treacherous peat bogs.

S3E2The Deep South
Location: Southern USA
In this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear’s trip takes him into the swamps of the Southern United States. Among his challenges there: navigating through the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and dangerous wildlife.

S3E1Baja Desert
Location: Baja, Mexico
Bear takes on the Baja Desert of Mexico for this adventure. He must navigate the harsh desert conditions and survive, even after a bee sting causes his eye to swell shut.

Man vs Wild: Season 2

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Location: Pacific Ring of Fire
Journeying into the Pacific Ring of Fire, Bear demonstrates survival techniques in terrain previously damaged by a tsunami.

S2E12Jungle Swamp
Location: Pacific Ring of Fire
Bear takes his viewers onto an island in the Indian Ocean. There, he must survive on limited resources in a remote area.

Location: Zambia, Africa
Bear ventures into the Southern African country of Zambia for this adventure. Among his challenges: some of the world’s largest rapids and bush terrain.

Location: Namibia, Africa
Demonstrating survival techniques, Bear takes on hazardous conditions in the Southern African nation of Namibia. Along the way, he picks up some survival techniques from the local bushmen.

S2E9Land of Ice
Location: Siberia, Russia
In the frigid Sanyan mountains of Siberia, Bear takes viewers on a journey through the dangerous climate and terrain. There, he meets with some local experts that have lived in the area for thousands of years and learns a few survival techniques.

Location: Siberia, Russia
Parachuting into a Siberian tundra, Bear then faces the extreme cold as he attempts to find food and shelter to survive.

S2E7Bear Eats
On this special episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear demonstrates one of the things he is most known for: his dining in the wild.

S2E6Andes Adventure
Location: Patagonia, South America
Bear demonstrates survival techniques on the steppes of Patagonia in South America, where there is little food and shelter in this harsh terrain.

Location: Patagonia, South America
Enduring the frigid conditions of Patagonia, South America, Bear demonstrates how to survive, dining on whatever he can find.

Location: Panama, Central America
In the jungles of Panama, Bear shows his viewers some techniques to survive the hazardous conditions and terrain.

Location: Panama, Central America
Bear must navigate through treacherous mangroves and snake-infested terrain as he makes his way through areas of Panama.

S2E2Desert Survivor
Location: Sahara Desert, Africa
Bear journeys to the Saharan Desert in Northern Africa, where he must endure the extreme heat and use a camel to survive the harsh conditions.

Location: Sahara Desert, Africa
Extreme heat, deadly scorpions, and harsh desert terrain await Bear for this adventure into the Saharan Desert of Africa.

Man vs Wild: Season 1

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Location: Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland
On this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear tackles the arctic conditions of the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland. There, he demonstrates some trapping techniques for rabbits and shows viewers how to fashion a shelter from deer skin.

Location: Iceland
Demonstrating arctic survival techniques, Bear shows how to find water and create snow caves as he survives.

Location: Copper Canyon, Mexico
For this adventure, Bear journeys into Copper Canyon in Mexico. Among his challenges: finding shelter, fishing, and foraging for food.

S1E7Kimberly, Australia
Location: Kimberly, Australia
Taking on the Australian outback, Bear demonstrates techniques for finding food and avoiding crocodiles as he survives the dangerous conditions.

Location: Ecuador, South America
Bear shows viewers how to survive the jungles of Ecuador, demonstrating how to create tools like the bow and arrow. Additionally, Bear points out a few of the poisonous plants you may encounter there.

Location: Everglades, Florida, USA
Tackling terrain inhabited by alligators, Bear demonstrates survival techniques as he survives in this dangerous environment.

S1E4African Savannah
Location: Africa
Bear journeys to the African Savannah for this trip. There, he must avoid the many predatory species while trying to find food and water.

S1E3Alaskan Mountain Range
Location: Chugach Mountains, Alaska, USA
On this episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear journeys to the Chugach mountains of Alaska, facing icy, mountainous conditions as he demonstrates techniques to survive.

S1E2Sierra Nevada
Location: Sierra Nevada, USA
Bear faces the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Nevada. He demonstrates some traditional native survival techniques while there.

S1E1European Alps
Location: European Alps, Europe
In this series premier of Man vs. Wild, adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls demonstrates survival techniques to survive the harsh, mountainous conditions within the European Alps.