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Dropping into a viper pit in Panama’s Camino Reale…navigating his way out of a crevasse of probably the most world’s largest glaciers…battling extreme conditions in frozen Siberia…it’s all in a day’s work for adventurer Bear Grylls. A former British Special Forces soldier, Bear shares ingenious and incessantly shocking techniques for surviving in one of the world’s most treacherous environments in each unforgettable episode of Man vs. Wild. Episodes: Sahara: Bear Grylls parachutes into the most up to date place on Earth and shows you how your own urine and eating the feared camel spider can stave off dehydration and heat-stroke. Desert Survivor: A camel train takes Bear to the deadly desolation of the salt pans where there is not any food and no water but plenty of mirages to trick the mind. Panama: Bear parachutes into croc- and shark-infested water to tackle the stinking tangle of the mangroves and drops from a vine into the lethal Viper Pits on the historic Camino Reale. Jungle: Bear encounters the Emberra Indians, who teach him some of their legendary survival techniques. And in a country where there’s a high risk of kidnapping, how are you able to conceal yourself and dodge your trackers? Patagonia: In the Southern Patagonian Ice Field – probably the most largest expanses of ice in the world – Bear negotiates his way out of a crevasse and spends the night in a snow hole. Andes Adventure: Bear spends the night sleeping under a rock in freezing conditions, skins a hare, climbs a 100-foot cliff, meets a gaucho and tracks pumas to find a recent kill. Bear Eats: Bear puts his taste buds to the ultimate test as he takes us to nature’s kitchen: See him drink the liquid from a camel’s stomach and eat elephant droppings, live frogs, 3-inch-long beetles and raw goat’s testicles…if you dare. Siberia: Bear journeys toward the Taiga forest, where it’s thought that a quarter of the people who enter it never find their way out. On the way, he uses a deer skin he finds to sled down a series of treacherous inclines. Land of Ice: In the Sanyan Mountains in Siberia, Bear meets the Tuvans, yak herders descended from Genghis Khan who have lived there for 20,000 years, and learns some survival techniques from these cold-climate experts. Namibia: Fighting dehydration, Bear meets the masters of desert survival, the San Bushmen, who reveal their methods for finding water in barren locales and teach Bear to hunt porcupine. Zambia: Flash floods of the Zambezi River and the 12-foot waves and vicious currents of the Batoka gorge steadily claim the lives of canoeists and rafters. Bear demonstrates how to live to tell the tale one of the world’s biggest rapids. Jungle Swamp: Bear goes into the Pacific Ring of Fire as he takes on a week of challenges in an area devastated by the 2004 tsunami. He shows how to stay alive by making a simple shelter and scavenging whatever he can from the tiny island. Castaway: In the jungle, Bear sleeps in a tree to stay protected all over tropical storms, sharing his bed with a variety of horrible insects. Then he must use all his survival skills and ingenuity to get through waterfalls, sheer cliffs and deadly jungle.

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